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Simple "Instagram-able" Food

Simple “Instagram-able” Food

A great way to market and promote your restaurant is to make your food photogenic or "Instagram-able" and take pictures and post them on social media and get your customers to take pictures and post them too, you can even reward them with a free side or drink etc to help spread your message wider!

Try some of these;

Cheese and Chorizo Stuffed Jalapeños

Or why not try filling them with chilli – Beef or Vegetable and a cool yogurt dip.

Mozzarella skewers

Mozzarella cheese, baguette crust, cherry tomatoes and rosemary branch skewers. Brush with fresh herb infused olive oil and grill, for a delicious but simple and photogenic bite!


Toasted bread with delicious healthy fresh toppings, what’s not to love!? You can even make them gluten free!

Asian Chicken Meatballs

Prime Beef mince add fresh ginger, jalapeño, and lemongrass and roll into a ball, chuck them in a pan and add sauce!


You Can’t go wrong with nachos, loaded with delicious toppings, and with served with dips.

Loaded Fries

Crisp French fries with a load of toppings is the alternative to Nachos!

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