Our Clients

Working with you to success!


Holiday Park

“…..increased sales by 135% on last year and raised G.P. from 61% to 69%


Bed and Breakfast

“ ….our room occupancy is up from 47% to 89% and our

average room rate is up by 35% to £84 per night.”

Mrs A

Independent Shop

“We increased sales by £900 a week…."  “….our GP is up by 2.6%...."

"....our costs are down by 12%"


Independent Restaurant

“…sales are now up 22% on last year and our costs are down £350 per week”

Miss A

Vegan Restaurant

“….helped develop our brand and our identity and market ourselves much more effectively, sales have increased by 65% since working with Philip..."



"... changed suppliers and got a much better deal meaning a reduction in raw material costs of 8% and helped with online marketing which means we have nearly doubled our sales since working with Philip."


Independent Inn with rooms

“...sales are up by over £500 per week….”

".....room occupancy is now at 94% compared to 53% before..."

Mr T-H

Independent Late night Bar and Club

“…helped us create a food offering which has sales of £3500 a week, new promotions and entertainment which helped fill the Bar on quieter nights, helping increase drinks sales by 74%. Cant wait to work on our cocktail menu next and see the results!"

“As business management consultants based in Swansea in South Wales we work with business owners, managers and staff to improve products, customer service, reputation, sales and profitability.”


Business and Strategic Planning

A major part of any plan is setting objectives and targets. These targets and objectives must be clearly defined, for example outlining how goals are to be achieved, utilising available and possibly new resources – for at least one year in advance.

The Service

As business consultants we conduct an in-depth service performance appraisal of your operation, identify strengths and weaknesses and highlight opportunities.

We will work with you to increase your customer numbers and revenues through a custom-built marketing plan, staff training and product development.

Working together we will improve your profits, by analysing and adjusting costs and operational procedures to maximise efficiency.

The Results

Our customers have seen between a 3X and 10X return on their investment in us.