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Are you Dog Friendly?

Hotdogs are great for sales, stock control and wastage, marketing and profits!

Done well a simple “Classic” Hotdog can generate a GP of up to 80%.

They are suitable for all day sales with toppings from Bacon and Egg (Breakfast), BBQ Pulled pork and cheese (lunch) and even Chilli, Tortilla Chips, salsa, guacamole and sour cream (dinner).

They can adapt to many different styles of Cuisine and can be served in many ways from the standard in a bun to, chopped up in Tacos, in a casserole in a Yorkshire Pudding, in a sub roll with salad and sauce, over fries with toppings or sauces.

They are cheap and simple to cook.

They can make a great marketing tool with glossy pictures of your best creations or even run a competition for the best one made up by a customer being featured on the menu.

They are great for upselling sides (onion rings, chips, mushrooms, salad, fries) or even as a meal deal.

They are suitable for all ages and you could even offer a family platter meal deal!

They come in different sizes so you can even offer the option of size or offer the different versions of them from around the world from the American Hotdog or Corndog to a German Bratwurst or the Csabai (salami style) from Hungary or even a Lap Cheong (smoked) from China.

You can even make it a local specialty sausage to promote the local area and support local

businesses and farmers. (Another great marketing opportunity)

Or even Create your own unique sausage for that ultimate high!

You can have a special of the day and top it with anything that you want to use up to avoid wastage!

They can even appeal to the Plant based diets with Vegan and Vegetarian options equally as enticing as the meat ones! Many different styles are available from tofu to Quorn, you could even make your own as spicy or plain as you want. Toppings can also add to these plant based offerings with 5 Bean Chilli and Vegetarian Cheese or Sauerkraut and homemade ketchup.

They can be Gluten free in either gluten free buns or serve with vegetables, rice, chips, in a jacket potato the options are endless.

The “Dog” is extremely versatile!

Is yours mans’ best friend?

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