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10 customer service opportunities to build your brand improve customer service.

10 customer service opportunities to build your brand improve customer service;

1. Give a warm welcome. The role of host should be done by a bubbly, friendly yet professional person always with a smile. The Greeting should be appropriate (no Slang such as Dude or Buddy) “Good morning Sir” etc. The Host should acknowledge each member of the party individually and make enquiries into any special occasion.

2. All Staff should always be able to recommend at least two dishes and should have a good knowledge or the entire menu. Staff should suggest appropriate accompaniments to meals such as onion rings etc

3. Glasses and plates handled properly – no one wants your fingers in their food or drink – the rule is only ever handle the rim of the plate and the bottom third of the glass.

4. Make sure all staff even Kitchen porters have a decent uniform on to present a professional image.

5. Never gossip about guests in the public areas! And refrain from improper subjects even jokes to avoid causing offence.

6. Make sure everything is to hand – guests don’t want to sit with food going cold in front of them while staff disappear for 5 minutes looking for a sauce or steak knife.

7. Make sure the server checks back within a couple of minutes of delivering food to avoid any complaints or missing items – this is also a good time to top up drinks.

8. Keep an eye on guests’ drinks and offer top ups (this can be especially costly when it is that second £11 glass of wine that the customer would have ordered if offered at the right time)

9. Clear dirty dishes away promptly and don’t just say “would you like to see the dessert menu” try – “have you tried our famous cheesecake?” you’re in luck, because tonight we have the chefs special Apple strudel” this will return a much more positive result in upselling of desserts. And don’t forget the coffee this is a very high profit item!

10. Always thank guests leaving the restaurant and if you can remember a personal comment ie “hope you have a great rest of your birthday” goes along way.

An extra top tip

During busy times when service can be slow have a plan to avoid the guest feeling like a long wait – crisps or tortilla chips and a dip goes a long way to making the wait seem less and is a cheap way of entertaining guests as well as a talking point.

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